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En Route To London: My Journey
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I picked up my phone today to check the time and my eyes drifted from the time to the date. August 31st. What? It’s basically September and I’m trying to get a grip on the idea of time passing so quickly, especially due to the fact that I can officially say I leave home in less than a month.

My night went from incredibly relaxed to full on panic. I went over to my parents’ room to tell them I was hot and couldn’t fall asleep and my mom immediately realized I was antsy and nervous and of course, she mentioned this and I ended up confessing the truth behind my unexpected visit. I had had a week off my computer and it had felt so great that when I opened it today to watch Scandal I decided I wanted another week off, but in the midst of my nervous breakdown I found myself going over all my lists and checking travel schedules and confirmation e-mails to once again make sure everything was flowing smoothly and going according to plan. Long story short I was driving myself crazy. And then I said, “Alright, you need to vent” so I thought why not blog about it? Now, to be honest I wanted to share my journey with you guys when the departure date was closer but it feels so real now I just felt the need to put my words in here.

People often ask me if I’m nervous or scared that I’m actually leaving home to go to a country on the other side of the world and having to be away from my parents and leaving everything that I know behind. I’m shameless honest when I say that no, I am not. I love my parents and I have such a wonderful relationship with them and that’s exactly why I’m feeling the need to leave home. They’ve raised me (and I take part in this too) to be such an independent person it’s only normal for me to want to take off as soon as possible. My parents will always be my home. No matter where they are, they’re home. It’s always been like that, especially because we’ve moved so many times now you learn to really appropriate on that ‘home is where the heart is’ saying. With that being said, I’m very excited about making London my new home away from home.

When I talk to my friends about moving they’re equally excited about it as I am, which is great. As of now, the topic of conversation is not some kind of prohibited talk (and I say this because I went through the whole ‘we don’t talk about me moving’ phase when I moved from Mexico to Argentina). I’m genuinely excited about moving and starting college and traveling and they’re genuinely happy for me. It’s so much easier to get my head around the subject when I know I have people supporting me no matter what. Also, they’re always talking about their future visits to London and the rave we’ll have when I come back home from the holidays.

I feel I’m currently in that monotone stage where I don’t have to pack up my life yet so it’s more something that’s being anticipated but not quite there yet (as real as it is). But other than me getting nervous over the reality check my phone gave me today I do have to say, everything’s coming up waters!

I can’t wait to keep sharing my journey with you guys! I really hope you enjoyed this little word vent and please let me know what you guys want to me blog about next! Leave questions and suggestions below!

Lots of x’s and o’s,

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