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The Way She Wears It
Four Summer Outfit Ideas For All Occasions
The Way She Wears It > Four Summer Outfit Ideas For All Occasions
the way she wears it

I really try to at least look presentable every time I leave my house, of course presentable doesn’t always mean street-style-me-right-now fashionable. But with Summer comes changes and fun activities to go along with those changes (wardrobe, maybe?) and I thought I’d bring you a few outfit inspirations for this time of the year. I did a set of two outfits a bit more on the pricey side and another set of more affordable ones, but do keep in mind these are for inspiration and imitation so feel free to recreate them with what’s on your wardrobe and maybe even give it a personal twist.

The Ultimate All Black


I’m one of those people that wear black all year long. Guilty as charged. No shame here, I just feel black is a timeless color and it goes with everything, even during the summer! Above the knee dresses are perfect for those casually chic moments and this one hits the spot (wait until you see the back). Cat eye sunglasses, black tote and of course city compatible heels.

The Denim/Nude Combo


Two of my favorite to sport. First of all, pretty sure the skirt makes the entire outfit. I love how these denim skirts are making a huge comeback (they were my thing back when I was fourteen). Nude crop top and a black bralette underneath (not only are they a great complement when wearing simple tops but I also find them much more comfortable to wear this time of the year). These suede sandals are the perfect match for daytime outfits. Cat eye sunglasses and a classic cross-over purse.

Daytime Denim


I love this outfit because it took a complete turn from casual sport to casual chic incredibly fast, and that ladies, is the magic of accessorising. Denim dress, always a must for the summer. These Kendra Scott studs really show that less is more. Ballerina flats, nude clutch and aviators. Simple but effective.

Sport Chic


Perfectly suited for short flights or strolling around the city. Once again denim is the big contrast in this outfit but what I love so much about it is how effortlessly chic it looks. Grey jersey skirt with grey top to match and a denim jacket to seal the outfit. Comfortable shoes are a must when traveling and these classic Adidas sneakers look great with pretty much everything (surprisingly even when dressing up). Cross over bags are also great for traveling and I would recommend one that you can dress up and down. And of course, a pair of sunnies.

So here they are! Four different outfits for four different occasions! I’m clearly into black, nude and denim this season. What are your go-to outfits this season? Let me know on the comments down below!


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