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Hello everyone and welcome back! I thought it was about time to make one of these. I didn’t do the normal question/answer but instead I wrote 25 randoms facts that I thought you guys could like!

1. Mia is the shortened form of my first name in Hebrew. I found this out a few years ago and absolutely fell in love with the nickname.

2. I was born in Venezuela and moved at a very young age. Since then I’ve lived in Canada, Mexico and Argentina.

3. My next stop is London, as I will go there to study fashion design and marketing

4. Before I decided on my career I was actually looking into studying international affairs and was pretty convinced that’s what I wanted to do. I still like it but I’m just glad I went with both my heart and brains in my decision.

5. When I was nine I used to sketch dresses and wanted to be a fashion designer. Months later I wanted to study dance at Julliard and even e-mailed the school to ask for information. Once again, I was nine.

6. My first memory of ever dressing myself was at my sixth birthday party and my outfit consisted of a sparkly turquoise two-piece top and skirt. I paired it with knee-length leather boots. It’s something I would probably wear present time.

7. I’ve always been into fashion. Even when I was little and I thought it was only pairing outfits together. By age seven I had fallen in love with velvet. I had a pair of velvet leggings I wore to a fancy dinner… at the beach.

8. I started really experimenting with makeup around two years ago. I was pretty basic when it came to makeup in general… forward to now, I am obsessed with beauty and I even blog about it!

9. My latest move was very hard on me due to the fact that I was a bit older and didn’t really want to leave my friends but I found a lot of things I liked other than being social. I fell in love with literature and became a much more sensible person when it came to the arts. I love museums and exploring different cultures.

10. With that being said I love traveling. I really hope life gives me the chances and opportunities to travel and interact with other cultures as much as I can, and hopefully share it with you guys!

11. The first book that made me realize I loved literature was Sarah Dessen’s Along For The Ride and to the day it still means so much to me. I read it in two weeks during one summer about six years ago. In eighth grade I read The Outsiders and got into more classic literature. Today I read pretty much everything!

12. For some reason I can’t pin-point a favorite book but the one I always go back to and highly recommend is J.D. Salinger’s Catcher In The Rye.

13. I’m a Harry Potter junkie. I find both the books and the movies fascinating and I never get tired of them. It’s like I find something new every time I watch/read them.

14. My favorite movie is Titanic. I’ve watched it too many times for my own good and still cry like I didn’t know (spoiler alert, duh) it’s going to hit the iceberg.

15. I find inspiration in almost everything and when I sketch I really like to give it a meaning, whether it’s a collection or a single design. I find the most inspiration in places and cultures.

16. The person that inspires me the most in the fashion industry is Carolina Herrera, for endless reasons. But I’ll give you two: she’s proud of her roots and she’s a badass. Also, Sophia Amoruso because she’s CEO goals, if you haven’t already, read her book #GirlBoss, it’s empowering.

17. I took film in high school and I grew fond of the all time classics even though at first I despised them because I had to over-analyze them, now I’m actually thankful I did.

18. I love, love, love Woody Allen. He’s a legend. My Sundays consisted in watching at least two of his films. My favorites are Manhattan, Everyone Says I Love You and of course Annie Hall.

19. For some reason I am much more inspired and motivated at 4 am than at 4 pm. It’s a problem (but not really).

20. When I moved to Canada the only English words I knew were ‘Hello’ and ‘my name is…’ by the second month my teacher had stopped using her English/Spanish dictionary. My mom cried.

21. I’m very social and like to meet new people but I find it really hard to find people I find intellectually stimulating. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

22. I horseback ride.

23. I would love to work for a magazine one day and write my own book. Get that Carrie Bradshaw vibe? No, but seriously, I find Vogue very stimulating.

24. My style ranges from classy to ‘about to drop my new mix tape’. I can’t help it. But whatever it is, you’ll see lots of black. I really don’t have just one thing I go for; honestly it varies on my mood. I do believe that dressing good is a form of well manners, though. Who said that, again?

25. At the risk of sounding cliché and saying ‘I believe everything happens for a reason’ I will say that I strongly believe in fate taking its course. But I also believe in the power of our decisions and how the right one or the wrong one can impact us. I also believe in having no regrets. Trust me, there was a time were I wanted to change a lot about my life, but now that I look back at it, it just wouldn’t be the same. I like to believe in the great perhaps. I have a long way to go but for now I’m pretty proud of myself and if I hadn’t gone through the struggle and if I hadn’t taken some bad decisions I wouldn’t be were I am now. I like were I stand but I think that my life will forever be a work in progress.

And there it is! I honestly thought this was going to be harder but it came out pretty fluently! I really hope you enjoy. Give me a random fact about you (or twenty-five if you want) I want to know! Thank you for reading!


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