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The day of my seventeenth birthday was a very special one. Mostly because I felt I had my future all figured out, and even though that was just a year ago I realize I knew nothing. I know nothing. I know my directions, the paths I want to take and I know for a fact I’ll be making some mistake along the way which I’ll end up calling lessons. But really, what is there to know? That night, before the clock ticked 12 am, signaling it was not my birthday anymore, I posted a picture on instagram, and captioned it ‘Someday is today.’ It was a picture of New York City’s landscape, center focused on the Empire State, but being a big fan of words myself, it was the quote on top of the picture that caught my attention, it read: “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. And then quietly, without you ever really noticing someday is today. And then someday is yesterday. And this is your life.” Now as I write this I realize that it may have not been the most accurate quote at the moment, as I was just turning seventeen and it was probably more inclined over the fact that I was trying to make some statement via instagram, but most importantly, for myself.

Reading this quote now and reminiscing those days make me nostalgic, mainly because I was so far away from today as I posted that. That day was someday, and someday is today and it will continue being as I get on a plane to pursue my dreams, but all this journey has made me realize that no matter which someday I’m in, I should always remember that all of my past ‘somedays’ led me to where I am today, and that just makes it all a bigger of a rush than it already is.

Our stories should be our little piece of art, and this art is expressed in endless ways, but there are a few of us that take this art to our wardrobe. Art, for me, has always been the best gate to express myself, and so has fashion, so now I decided to mix the two of them together.

I found art in myself on my last trip to New York, and as I explored the city, I realized I was also exploring myself.

Art was packing, planned outfits (that changed during my firs stroll down fifth avenue). It was indulging myself in more art while clicking my heels down the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the MoMa. Art was finding galleries in the middle of alleyways at 8 pm, fearless and curious. Art was having dessert for lunch by myself in the Terrace. Art was reading The Great Gatsby in my favorite spot of Central Park (for the second time). Art was blending into the big mass of people, but yet again being so confident and experiencing a rather foreign feeling of fierceness in, what really owns up to its name, The Concrete Jungle.

I like living my life by aesthetics but also by the spontaneity of the situation. I like knowing that I’d probably still wear the first outfit I ever chose by myself on my 6th birthday. If someone would’ve told me where I’d be now before posting that picture, I would’ve probably scoffed, but that was my someday, that was my life. And maybe my aesthetic is just that, the spontaneity of the situation.
yours truly