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To School For Cool? 6 Tips On Getting Through High School
The Way She Wears It > To School For Cool? 6 Tips On Getting Through High School
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As much as I love fashion, makeup and all those big topics of conversation in my blog there’s one thing I’m always reaching out to: advice. Because we’ve all been there and we all need it. Today I wanted to talk, or give advice, on a topic in particular that I, as a former high school student, always reached out to and that is high school itself. How, what, who? Now, truth is, advice can help you get by but the real advice is the one you’ll give to yourself from experience and that’s what this post is about, helping you get through that experience (alive). Whether you’re soon to be a freshman, a senior, or in between, I really hope this helps.

1. Be you
I can’t stress this enough. Not being yourself in fear you’ll be judged is something that happens to freshmen and seniors, even with the experience more than half way lived. It is so easy to loose yourself while trying to find yourself, it feels like everyone is talking and judging. Be wise and choose when to listen and who to listen to. Stay true to what you are and what you believe.

2. #Goals
Yes, they’re real and not in the over use of the word on social media but as a part of your life. Have goals and ambitions and plan them out. Something that got me through high school was planning what I was going to do when it ended, whether it’s college, a vacation or something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, plan it out. Every day counts and the time is ticking, work hard so you can exit successfully and move on to your #goals.

3. Stop mopping around
I really wish someone had told me this a few more times. The time you spend complaining can be used for making a friend, studying for that one class you struggle the most in or even finding some hidden talent you didn’t know you had. We spend so much time at school we might as well take advantage of it. Work for yourself within yourself. I know some days seem endless and feeling sad feels like the easiest way to cope with it, do remember it’s a bad day not a bad life. And if you find out you’re living a bad life then have the courage to get out of bed in the morning and change the path around. Like attracts like, be the change you want to see in your surroundings. Nobody else will do it for you.

4. Make friends
I hate to just throw this advice out there because I know how difficult it can be for some people to make new friends. I’ve always been a people person but if there’s one thing high school taught me is that feeling alone doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t have friends. Whether you make a hundred friends through high school or just one it is so much easier to get by with someone you can trust and feel comfortable with. Reach out to people, you never know what can bring you and another person together and you’d be surprised what a simple ‘hello’ can bring to your life. Friends are important.

5. Do your best
I’ve never thought someone that got good grades was necessarily someone that was going to succeed in life and now that high school is over I can reiterate my statement. There’s much more to a smart person than good grade. But school is important. Basic math is important and knowing your grammar and spelling is crucial. Whether you want to pursue a degree or not, high school will benefit you somehow. Social skills, managing deadlines, debating, brainstorming and planning are things that you’ll need in life and high school low key teaches you that. And by low key I mean you can brainstorm a science project beautifully but if your project doesn’t get past an interesting hypothesis then you’ll probably fail. But that’s okay; really, it’s okay to fail because not all of us are going to be scientists or mathematicians or journalists. With that being said, find something you enjoy and exploit it to the maximum, either inside or outside of school. Be the best at what truly makes you passionate and do your best.

6. Make memories
Listen to people when they say your teenage years are ‘the best years of your life’ because yes, things have changed a lot and not everything is like Grease and Clueless were the problem was the boy and the outfit. But do listen to it because it can be what gets you out of bed on a Friday night. You make what you want out of your life. Get involved in school activities; I know personally I regret doing this until my senior year. I look back at high school with such mixed feelings. I remember the stress of classes, coping with people I didn’t like and having days were I just felt like my brain had switched itself to ‘off’. But I also look back at it and remember the laughs of distress before a deadline and how good it felt when I did well on an exam, the amazing friends I met and also the not so amazing people I met that made me mature and realize what I don’t like (knowing what you don’t like is as important as knowing what you do like) and also the days were I felt truly happy for a million reasons or for no reason at all. Remember: work hard, play hard.

So there it is, my little high school survival guide. High School coming to an end was the most bittersweet moment of my life but thankfully we have so much to look forward to the future. What are your tips on getting through high school? Let me know on the comments down below. Also, good luck!


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